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Musings from Monday

On Monday, B and I exited a store and were walking back to the truck when he said, “Mom, look up!”  It was an airplane flying overhead.  Living in the Washington, DC area, we have 3 major airports, so airplanes are frequent and low enough for us to tell which airline they are.  I grew up around DC and have always loved to watch planes go by plus, the clouds above the plane had a funky formation that was nice to look at, as well.

As I was looking up at all that beauty in the sky, I stepped right into a hole in the parking lot!  Almost dropped my bag as I tried to keep my balance.  Isn’t that just the perfect metaphor for life!  As soon as you take your eyes off of where you are heading, where you want to go, your goal, you wind up in trouble!

We get in the truck to head home and a man is singing on the radio.  “Is this Justin Timberlake,” I ask.  B gives me a huffy breath and says (with an eye roll in his voice), “I don’t know.”  Why did he answer me like that?   I thought about it on our way home and realized that at least one third of the songs sung by individual males (as opposed to groups/boy bands) on this pop station sound like Justin Timberlake to me!

Either Justin Timberlake has a ton of songs being played on this station or a lot of today’s male artists sound like Justin Timberlake.  Weeeeeeeeelllll…there is a 3rd option.  I only have one good ear…and a very short attention span…  Soooooooo…  I guess it’s possible that I just think every male sounds like Justin Timberlake.  But I don’t like that options so I am discounting it!  😉

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