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End of Year Testing

B and I finished up his end of year test this week because our state requires proof of progress from homeschoolers each Summer.  Wednesday B had a meltdown during one section of his Math test because the problem did not look exactly like problems he’d done before.  The problem looked like this:

+  7
He flipped out because the number of digits on the bottom were not the same as the number of digits on the top, i.e.,

104          6          33
+456        +9       +88

*sigh*  His, I don’t-know-how-to-do-it-so-I’m-sure-I-will-get-it-wrong-so-I’m-not-going-to-do-it’s ugly head reared up.  We had to visit the safety corner, let it out, regroup, explain the situation and go over the inappropriate reaction to it.  For all his anxiety, he got 3 out of 40 Math questions wrong, a 93%, and none of those 3 were anything like the problem he flipped out over.  He got 5 out of 81 wrong in Language Arts, a 94%.  Two of those 5 he really knew the answer to; he accidentally filled in the wrong bubble.  But I wouldn’t let him change his answers.  It is so hard to take the “mom” hat off and just be a teacher during testing!  He asks me questions and I want to help”guide” him to the correct answer or I’m at the table with him, heard him say the correct answer out loud and then watched him fill in the wrong bubble.  However, that defeats the purpose of testing, which is to see how much he actually retained and to teach him a lesson to be careful with each question.

One of the many things I love and admire about B is his common sense, his ability to reason himself to an answer even when he doesn’t have the knowledge or isn’t sure of something.  He talked his way through some questions he didn’t know the answers to, connecting the dots like Six Degrees of Separation, until he came up with an answer that seemed logical enough to choose.  And he was right.  He continues to amaze us and make us proud.

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