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Some days I just can’t take living on this planet with other humans.

Yesterday afternoon was one of those days.  I ran out to get gas for the lawn mower and litter for the cats.  Before even getting in the truck, I had an encounter with a group of school children that made me angry, broke my heart and had me fighting back the tears.  When I finally got in the truck, I had another encountered less than two blocks from my house, with two adults standing in the middle of the street.  I held it together until I got home.  I didn’t unload the car, just went to find the hubs and cried as soon as I got to him.

“What’s wrong with people,” I sobbed.  “How can they not care about each other, at best, and hurt and abandon each other at worst?!  I just can’t take it, babe!  I can’t live on this planet with people like that!  I don’t understand how you can do that to another human being – stranger or friend.”

He put his arms around me.  “I know you can’t, hon.  I know how hard it is being you.  I tell myself that it’s just this area.  That there are nicer, kinder people in other parts of the country, the world.  I have to believe that.”

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