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My Sweet Husband

This is our coffee machine.  Taped to it and over it are 2 notes; notes that I wrote to the hubs.  Usually, I stay up later than him and he gets up before me, so if there’s something I need him to know before he goes to work, I write him a note and stick it where I know he’ll see it.  It’s not always by the coffee maker.  Sometimes it’s stuck to something in the fridge, on another cabinet or even on the doorknob of the door through which he’ll leave.

For example, the note on the coffee machine was stuck on a bottle of creamer in the fridge that was just about empty, and the note advised there was another bottle in the extra fridge.  He’s not real good about checking the extra fridge or the pantry  shelves in the basement to see if we have replacements when something runs out.  So I left him a reminder.  I’m not writing poetry or leaving steamy love notes, but I do end them all with “I love you!!” and I put a smile under the two exclamation points.

The thing is, he never takes them down!  After the notes have been hanging around for a week or two, I rip them down in frustration and toss them into the recycle bin.  I steam over his laziness for not removing them himself.  A note hanging in the kitchen, either one I’ve written for him or myself, is important.  I want them to catch someone’s attention.  However, if there are notes hanging off all the cabinets, then none of them would catch my attention.

The blue note, above, was placed on an item in the fridge at least a month and a half ago.  After reading it, the hubs moved it to the coffee machine.  The pink note was written last week and remains where I stuck it.

Friday afternoon I asked him (in a huffy manner), “How come you never throw out the notes?!”  He looked over at them, smiled nostalgically at them and then looked at me.  There was so much love and tenderness in his face and he just smiled at me for about 10 seconds.  Finally he said, “Just ’cause,” kissed me on the forehead and walked away.

It finally dawned on me – their like souvenirs or mementos to him.  I found him and asked him, “Am I not telling you that I love you frequently enough?  Do I not say enough nice things to you?  Is that why you need to keep them?”  I was worried and wanted him to let me know if he needed something from me.  “Nope,” he replied.  They’re just his love letters and likes to see them everyday.

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