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Easter Egg Decoration with Craft Club

Last week I hosted March’s Craft Club and we did Easter egg decoration.  We had so much fun!  We had some younger sibling present, so the kids ranged from 4 yrs – 10 yrs.  After decorating eggs as characters, I don’t think I can go back to just plain ‘ole egg dying.  However, B says that his favorite egg was the Smiley Face, where he could just free draw on the egg.  So, I’ll have to wait and see what he’s in the mood to do next year.

There were four kinds of eggs that the kids created:

I hope you and your family have as much fun as we did decorating eggs this year.  And I’d love to hear about or see your pix, too!


How was your Easter?  Ours was relaxing and thankful.  I usually work on Sundays, but since the previous Tuesday was my last day at work, I was home, doing what I love best – spending time with my mens and cooking!  The kitchen is my happy place; can you tell?  ;o)  The Masters played this weekend, so the hubs watched that all day while B spent 9 hours outside, playing with his “brother from another mother” as he calls his best bud from up the alley.

Since B has food allergies, the Easter Bunny does not fill his eggs with candy; B gets coins.  The eggs could be empty, for all he cares; it’s the hunt that he loves and I’m sure your kids are the same.  This year, B received coins in most of his eggs, but 10 of them contained coupons.  My friend, Julie, a fellow homeschooler, shared these Easter printable coupons on her Pinterest account, Creekside Learning.  They were a huge hit!  B shook every egg he found before opening it.  The 1st egg with a coupon in it did not shake.  He thought it must be empty, but opened it anyway.  After reading the coupon, he was so excited.  After that, the eggs that didn’t shake were more valuable to him than the ones with coins in them because of the anticipation of what the coupon would offer him.  I totally recommend them for next Easter; print one page, cut out and stuff in the eggs.  No running to the store, no spending money.  And B didn’t even realize that this year, there were no gifts in his Easter basket.  The Easter Bunny left his empty basket hanging on the inside doorknob of B’s room so when he got up, he grabbed the basket and started scouring the house for eggs to put in it.  Win-win!

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