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It’s the Little Things

I had a conversation with an acquaintance online this morning.  She and I became Facebook friends recently because we are in similar lines of work and I love to network with others for support and encouragement.  We live in different parts of the country, but are both adoring moms, proud daughters of God and spread positivity and love.  The conversation we had was quick, since we both have plenty to do, but it was meaningful because it made me see good in the cold and dark season we are entering.

Me: Are you enjoying Fall? Are your leaves turning color or are they already gone?

Her: Oh yes I am! Yes, they have changed color and have already started falling off. There is a small tree I have on one side of my driveway where I park the car under during the day to shade it from the sun. Yesterday I realized the leaves are almost all gone, no more shade. LOL It’s the little things we need to pay attention to.  🙂

Me: Yes. But with the cooler temperatures, you won’t need the shade. You’ll welcome the sun warming the car for the next time you get in it. Just another reminder that when God closes a door (the leaves fall and trees look bare and lonely) he opens a window (makes way for the sun to shine on us and warm us).  🙂


The Agony of De Feet

Fall is finally here; it’s my favorite season of all!  The smells. The colors. The sweaters. The crisp air. The pumpkins. The corn stalks. The costumed tiny humans. The darkness at bedtime.  The crunchy footsteps. The festivals. The apples. The turkeys. Important birthdays. An anniversary.  I love it all!  Even my legs are rejoicing that it’s Fall.  “We’re ensconced in jeans!  No more shaving!” they gleefully exclaim.

But not all of me is happy it’s Fall.  My feet are grieving. They can’t breathe in the socks I had to wrestle them into.  They beg to know what crime they’ve committed to deserve imprisonment within my sneakers.  “We were meant to be free!” they cry out.  “You have banished our soul (or is it sole?) mates to the back of the dark closet!  Your flip-flops will rot in there and their death will be on your head!”

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