Soft Hair, Clean Shower

I keep this guy, filled with Dawn Platinum dish detergent, in the over-the-shower-head organizer in our bathroom. I only need to wash my hair 2 days a week so, while my conditioner is doing its thing, I scrub the shower with this. 

Talk to the Groin

This past week was so much fun! The hubs had off for a federal holiday last Monday, he worked Tuesday & Wednesday, took off Thursday to hunt and we headed out of town Friday morning. We went to Hershey, Pennsylvania to celebrate B’s 13th birthday. How can he possibly be 13 years old already?! SMH Hersheypark, and the hotel where we stayed, were awesome! Great adventures, food, service, room – we couldn’t have asked for more!

Last night, once we’d climbed into bed, I leaned over and kissed the hubs goodnight, saying, “I love you. Thanks for a wonderful weekend!” He responded, “Talk to the groin.” So I scoonched down to his manly bits, kissed them and said, ” I love you. Thanks for a great weekend!”

“What are you doing!” the hubs exclaimed.

“You said ‘Talk to the groin’,” I responded.

He laughed. “I said, ‘Back to the grind’, because I have to go back to work tomorrow!”

He sleeps on the left side of the bed, and my left ear is the deaf one, so I totally misheard what he said. LOL

Thrifty Thursday: Buying Replacements or Temporary Needs at Thrift Stores

Every time I tell B were headed to the thrift store he does 2 things: pumps his fist and yells, “Yes!” and starts singing, “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore. He’s a NERF gun collector and thrift stores are full of discontinued NERF gems. However, tHrift stores have more than just discount clothes, toys, books and movies. It’s a great place to go to first if you need a replacement lamp shade or crockpot insert.

Ever bring home a electronic device (i.e. movie player, game console, streaming device) from a yard sale or Freecycle and it’s missing a cord to hook it up to a TV or speaker system? Or, like us, lose several electronic cords to a teething cat (or dog)? Check your local thrift store before paying full price at an electronics store.

Find yourself in a situation where you temporarily need a walker, crutches or shower chair? Before buying new from the local pharmacy or medical supply company, check your local thrift store.

Too hot outside this Summer but need an inexpensive place to take the kids because they “…just wanna DO something, Mom!”? Take them to the local thrift store. They can wander and I promise they’ll find some gems to excite them. While they’re perusing the toys or the books, you stroll through the whole store and really look at everything they offer. Keep that knowledge in the back of mind next time you need something.

Please Start Writing Obituaries

Throwback Tursday from April 2011: Please Start Writing Obituaries

You, Me & B

I am an avid reader of obituaries in my local paper and I have a love/hate relationship with them. I cannot stop myself from reading them. Every week when the paper arrives, I open to the obit section hoping that, THIS time, I am going to read something that will make me smile through my tears. Most weeks, however, I am just saddened. But those rare occasions that make me smile are so worth weeding through the rest. So, I have to speak up about this issue, because everybody deserves a great obituary.

There are so many great things about obituaries. The lovely, full names, some of which have not been used in decades or generations. The number of years this soul lived here on Earth. Anything over 80 gets an automatic smile and no tears from me, because I tell myself, “they lived a good, long life”. But I…

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Saw this picture on Instagram this morning and found it very appropriate. Yesterday, as B worked on his Halloween costume for this year, he was explaining to me his design for next year’s costume. When he’ll be 13.

How do y’all l feel about the age of trick-or-treaters coming to your door? Is there a hard, age cutoff point, in your opinion, regardless of costume effort? Or do you only dislike the older kids who claim that wearing a hoodie = a costume?

I’m the latter. However, should it bother me when I have stuff leftover every year in the bowl plus way too much loot B brings home after T-or-T’ing?

He’s making an amazing costume, a Transformer, and next year’s idea is even more ambitious. However, in order for most adults to know what he is, he’ll have to get on the ground, transformer into his vehicle shape, have me ring the doorbell, and then stand up into the robot once they answer the door. I don’t think we’ll get to too many houses.

Well, this year will be a test of the costume. Maybe next year he’ll give out candy. I can open the door and the kids will just see a vehicle. Then he’ll transform into a robot and entertain the kids.

Kickboxing Class

Reposting from January 2011 for Throwback Thursday. Enjoy! #tbt

You, Me & B

The karate studio where I work has kickboxing class for adults twice a week and, as an employee, I can go for free. I have been thinking about going for quite some time, since I keep getting bigger and bigger, but I haven’t done it. I was afraid to go. Afraid of the unknown, afraid of what the other people in the class would think of me, afraid that I would not be able to keep up, afraid that any exercise whatsoever would make me barf in public, afraid of not having any appropriate clothes that fit me to wear…you name it, I tortured myself with it and just sat at home.

Thankfully, a friend and co-worker of mine started going to the class with her husband last month. I kept saying that I would show up at class one night since I actually knew someone there, but I never…

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How come, my fellow Americans?

How come we can all unite as one for a sports team?  How come we can forget about our differences and laugh with, talk to complete strangers during the Olympics, the World Cup or a big college rivalry football game?   How is it we can smile at, high-five and even hug total strangers in the bar where we’re watching the game, then riot in the streets after the game, in either victory or defeat, harming or destroying each other’s cars, businesses and fellow fans?

How can so many of us share the bond of sporting yellow ribbon magnets on our cars – solidarity in supporting our troops – yet ignore that ribbon on another’s car in traffic, and wrongly cut them off or call them all kinds of nasty names because they are not driving the way you want them to?

In an airport we can walk up to a complete stranger wearing a military uniform, shake hands and thank him or her for their service with a warm smile.  How can we completely forget about that swell of gratitude and blessings for that soldier who is willing to die for us and then yell at an airport employee 15 minutes later for something completely out of their control, like delays due to weather?

How can we all be united, excited, together in these things one minute and then go right back you vs. me, us against them, do unto others before they do unto me – in traffic, in the grocery store, in politics and even on the playground?

How come we decide to ignore what we have in common and refuse to see or acknowledge the humanity, the worth, the Jesus in each other?

I Don’t Get Miserable People

I don’t understand miserable people.  Are they incapable of being happy for others or do they just choose not to be?  I can understand lack of interest or flat out not giving a Fig Newton about somebody else’s life, but it’s the resentment of others’ happiness that I can’t comprehend.  And it’s satisfaction in others’ misfortune.  Why?  It is solely the old adage, “Misery loves company”?  Do they feel so alone in their misery, that they take comfort when others are experiencing pain, too?  Do they compare their misery to others – “Well, at least I’m not as bad as that person.”

I’ve never experienced misery.  I’ve been in some really dark places twice before: the two years after my rape and during an abusive relationship.  I experienced loneliness, helplessness and fear during those times, but never misery.  I do understand one thing about the miserables: being stuck.  I was stuck in my loneliness, helplessness and fear once.  Because as bad as it was, it was familiar.  It was the second time I’d been exposed to the worst behavior in a male and I worried that I might fall into a third such situation if I left that one.  But some wonderful friends showed me the other side was better than being stuck.

I have a miserable person in my life and sometimes, over the years, the misery spilled out and some not-so-nice words come out towards me.  Sometimes I’ve stood up to the person, sometimes I took the high road and remained silent.  Not giving the person any reaction, not allowing them the pleasure of getting a rise out of me is better.  It keeps the focus on their behavior instead of my reaction.  However, recently this person let their misery leak out on my son.  Really?!  An adult knows better than to do that to a child, but this person chose to do it anyway.  I guess sometimes misery can take over a person completely, leaving no room for love anymore.

I don’t get it but I have a hope for all miserable people – you may not be able to change your circumstances nor your past, but you can change, control, your reaction to it.  You can decide to do better, to be better, today.

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