20150210_174148 After 2 years of major renovations, from foundation to roof, my brother was finally able to move back into his house a couple of weeks ago. He asked B to paint a mural on this small section of wall between his back door and a window. B painted it yesterday and my brother sent me a picture of it last night. It’s B and his favorite Uncle in a NERF battle! It says “Good Times” and B even signed & dated it at the bottom (I blurred that out). B painted himself “behind” the light switches (the switch plate is off in this picture).  He came up with this idea in his head and then just painted it.  He didn’t sketch it on paper nor on the wall before painting.  He just did it. And he doesn’t critique his work; doesn’t point out flaws and say he could have done better. He’s happy with what he created, proud of it and accepts our praise and complements graciously.  Man, does this kid continually show me how be a better person, a content person, a self-loving person!

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