“I said, ‘I don’t want to carve a damn pumpkin!'”

I was over carving pumpkins a few years ago, bur B insisted that we must carry on the tradition of 3 jack-o-lanterns: one carved by each of us.  *SIGH*  Last year, the hubs joined in and bullied me into carving something. I barely made an effort and I took my frustrations at them out on the poor gourd.

This year, I was quite clear that I am NOT carving a pumpkin, no matter what anyone says! B is a teenager now, he’s going trick-or-treating with friends and no parent tag-a-longs, for goodness sake! If I can allow him to do that, he can accept my desire to not carve a pumpkin.

So, once the hubs finished hunting yesterday morning, B and I took a break from running errands to meet him for lunch. Afterwards, I went on to do the grocery & costume accessory shopping and B went with the hubs. They were going to pick out pumpkins for themselves. I was so happy that they made no attempt to convince me to come and pick out a pumpkin for myself. I even reminded the hubs before we parted that he is only buying two for them because I Will. Not. Be. Carving. This. Year.

File Oct 31, 11 20 51 AM

Then I came home from my errands to find this on the back porch.

Me: I said, “I don’t want to carve a damn pumpkin!”

The hubs: I know. But I thought you might change your mind and I wanted to save you the hassle of running around tomorrow to find one. You have so much to do tomorrow.


He just smiled, kissed me patronizingly on the head, and walked away.

I’m not doing it people! I am declaring it so here, in public, y’all as my witnesses, that I will NOT be carving that damn pumpkin!


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