Talk to the Groin

This past week was so much fun! The hubs had off for a federal holiday last Monday, he worked Tuesday & Wednesday, took off Thursday to hunt and we headed out of town Friday morning. We went to Hershey, Pennsylvania to celebrate B’s 13th birthday. How can he possibly be 13 years old already?! SMH Hersheypark, and the hotel where we stayed, were awesome! Great adventures, food, service, room – we couldn’t have asked for more!

Last night, once we’d climbed into bed, I leaned over and kissed the hubs goodnight, saying, “I love you. Thanks for a wonderful weekend!” He responded, “Talk to the groin.” So I scoonched down to his manly bits, kissed them and said, ” I love you. Thanks for a great weekend!”

“What are you doing!” the hubs exclaimed.

“You said ‘Talk to the groin’,” I responded.

He laughed. “I said, ‘Back to the grind’, because I have to go back to work tomorrow!”

He sleeps on the left side of the bed, and my left ear is the deaf one, so I totally misheard what he said. LOL

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