Thrifty Thursday: Buying Costco Gasoline Even If You Aren’t a Member

I don’t know about where y’all live, but where I live, the least expensive gasoline is at the wholesale clubs: Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s. And with traffic and commutes increasing every year, we could all use some gas-saving ideas!

This may be hard to believe for some of y’all, but not everyone who lIves near a wholesale club actually belongs to one. 😱  Not everyone can, or desires to, buy in bulk or store bulk items. Some just won’t buy enough to justify the cost of the membership. But that’s OK, because if you know a Costco member, and they’re willing to help a friend, you can still buy gas there!

Did you know that if you are using a Costco Cash Card to pay for gas, you don’t need a membership card? It’s true! Usually when you get gas at Costco, you must first swipe your active membership card and then your debit or credit card. However, you can pull up to the pump, insert a Costco Cash Card, and pump your gas. 😃

So, reach out to your Costco member friends, give them some cash, and ask them to pick you up a Costco Cash Card next time they happen to be shopping. It’s easy-peasy to do! When your friend is checking out with a cashier (not self-checkout) they let the cashier know they’d like a cash card for $XX and the cashiers keep the cards right in their registers.

Don’t forget to do a little somethin’ special for your Costco friend on their birthday or at Christmas time as a thank you.


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