Thrifty Thursday: Buying Replacements or Temporary Needs at Thrift Stores

Every time I tell B were headed to the thrift store he does 2 things: pumps his fist and yells, “Yes!” and starts singing, “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore. He’s a NERF gun collector and thrift stores are full of discontinued NERF gems. However, tHrift stores have more than just discount clothes, toys, books and movies. It’s a great place to go to first if you need a replacement lamp shade or crockpot insert.

Ever bring home a electronic device (i.e. movie player, game console, streaming device) from a yard sale or Freecycle and it’s missing a cord to hook it up to a TV or speaker system? Or, like us, lose several electronic cords to a teething cat (or dog)? Check your local thrift store before paying full price at an electronics store.

Find yourself in a situation where you temporarily need a walker, crutches or shower chair? Before buying new from the local pharmacy or medical supply company, check your local thrift store.

Too hot outside this Summer but need an inexpensive place to take the kids because they “…just wanna DO something, Mom!”? Take them to the local thrift store. They can wander and I promise they’ll find some gems to excite them. While they’re perusing the toys or the books, you stroll through the whole store and really look at everything they offer. Keep that knowledge in the back of mind next time you need something.

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