Thrifty Thursday: How to see first run movies in the theater on the cheap


I was in the thrift store last week, marveling at all the wonderful things you can get there, and had an idea: I should right a blog post about this! Lots of people know that you can get clothes on the cheap at the thrift store, but there are so many other things you can get there, too, to save you lots of money. Then I thought about how I am always looking for ways to save the most money or make my money stretch further, so I could share my ideas in a regular feature. So, I have declared the third Thursday of every month to be THRIFTY THURSDAY (DAY, DAY, day…). hehehe

I was going to start with my thirst store post, however I decided to do movies instead for 2 reasons:

  1. We still have half of Summer left and parents are always looking for something fun and cheap to do as a family, and
  2. No matter how many times I’ve shared this great way to see movies on the cheap on my Facebook page, I still have friends who don’t know about it. So I’m spreading the word!

My favorite movie theaters to go to are Regal Theaters. They have locations in 36 of the 50 United States and 1 US territory and they have a loyalty program called the Regal Crown Club (RCC). Having the RCC card is just like the tag on your keychain for the local grocery store: you show it when purchasing tickets and items at the concession stand and you can even type it in when buying tickets online from Fandango. You earn points for ever purchase and these points get you free small popcorns, free small drinks and free tickets. You can “upsize” the small popcorn & drink to medium or large for a little money; so much better than full price! But wait; it gets better!

*Participating Regal theaters have Value Days and sell tickets at a discounted rate. Days and prices vary by theater. For example, theaters in my area sell tickets for **$6 on Tuesdays, the Regal Jack London in California sells tickets for $6 every Sunday & Tuesday and the UA Wekiva Riverwalk in Florida sells tickets for $5.69 every Sunday. See what Value Day special is going on at a Regal Theater near you, here. But wait; it get’s better still!

We only see movies on Value Day at a participating theater and instead of paying the Value price of $6 a ticket in our area, we only pay $5 a ticket by showing our RCC card at the box office. Every Tuesday at Regal Theaters, RCC cardholders get small popcorns for $2 each and you can upsize them to a medium ($1 in my area) or a large ($2 in my area). Seeing a movie with a large family or group of friends? Than paying $4 for a large tub of popcorn on a Tuesday is a great deal, because you can get a free refill on that tub of popcorn. And not just on Tuesdays! No matter what the day, you get a free refill on large popcorns and large drinks! You can even get free, small disposable containers from the concession stand so everyone gets their own popcorn container instead of passing the large bucket of popcorn around. We actually bring our own plastic containers with lids to share popcorn. That way, no one spills their own popcorn, everyone can add the exact amount of butter or seasoning they want, put the lid on and shake it up for even distribution. :o)

Recently, B and I saw 2 movies back-to-back on a Tuesday, with popcorn and drink, for $25. The full-price tickets alone would have cost us $39! We had earned a free movie ticket with our RCC card so I used that for my ticket to the first movie. We paid $5 for each of the remaining tickets ($15 for tickets total). Since it was $2 small popcorn day, we upsized it to a large ($4) and bought a large drink ($6). After the first movie, we dumped what was left of our popcorn, got a fresh refill on it and the drink and then headed into the second movie. The remaining popcorn we took home to the hubs because popcorn is his afterwork snack of choice, and movie popcorn tastes better than microwave. :o) B & I didn’t eat lunch, and only needed a snack instead of dinner because of all that popcorn!

Now, that was a special treat for us. Usually, we just buy our $5 tickets for 1 movie and the $2 popcorn for B and then drink water from the water fountain. But if it weren’t for Regal Theaters Value Day and their Royal Crown Club, going to a movie theater would only be a once or twice a year occurrence; we’d get most movies out of the Redox, instead. And we only have a family of 3! Some of my friends with large families haven’t seen a movie in years because of the cost, but sharing this $5 ticket & $2 popcorn deal allows them the luxury to see a movie in the theater occasionally. I hope you live in an area with a Regal Theater near by, but if you don’t, ask at your local theater if they have a loyalty program.

Disclosure: Regal Theaters did not ask me to blog about them, nor are they even ware that I chose to do so. They have not provided me with any free nor discounted stuff for blogging about them. 

*The closest Regal Theater to me that has those nice recliner seats does not participate in this special, but the regular seat theaters do.

**Additional fees for 3D, RPX and IMAX but we don’t see movies with those added features.

Movies on the Cheap

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