A Sunset Picnic with The Hubs & Nature

B was at sleepway camp since Sunday afternoon and I pick him up yesterday. On Wednesday evening, our last night alone together, the hubs and I made a picnic dinner and went away from the city and the lights to watch the sunset and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.
He put a blanket and some cushions in the back of the truck and backed it up to a pond. After eating we laid down and just talked and listened and watched. It was beautiful and peaceful.
We saw lightening bugs; there are none where we live! Bats flew above us and bullfrogs talked to each other across the pond. An owl woke up and took off for his nightly hunt. We heard deer stomping and snorting in the woods behind us. It was so lovely.

Our” bed”, cooler of dinner and thermos with tea. Trust me, those cushions from an old oversized chair in the basement were so comfy! Bug spray in bottom left corner.



Selfie with my love.



Partially eaten dinner sandwich in my lap. I made The Pioneer Woman’s Ranch-Style Chicken with thighs, instead of breasts, put them on potato rolls and wrapped them in foil for the trip to the pond. YUM-O!



Final pic before leaving: the hubs, the evening star and the pond.

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