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Winter Perspective

When I see flakes falling from the sky and I’m able to get to my phone or computer, I have to share my excitement on Facebook: “IT’S SNOWING!”  or “SNOW!”  But if I post that when there is no forecast for inches, it’s just a little snow shower rolling quickly through, I inevitable receive a comment or comments such as, “Yeah, but, it’s not *really* snowing.  If we have to have this cold I want snow on the ground to sled in/make snowmen/look pretty.”  Well, here is what I have to say to those type of comments:

I just looked out the window and it was spitting snow, just like it’s done periodically all week. And I *totally* get that some of you don’t want *just* snow showers or snow squalls. You say, “If it’s going to rain down frozen precipitation, I want accumulation!” You want the stark, gray, barrenness of Winter to look clean and pure and white – *covered* in snow – even if just enough to hide the dead, brown grass.

But here’s the thing: when flakes fall from the sky, no matter how plenty nor few they are, I don’t see the dead brown grass. I don’t see the barren, gray tree branches. I focus on the beautiful, white, sparkling flakes floating through the air! I am taken back to my childhood when my brother and I would run outside and catch falling snowflakes on our tongues! And the *only* way to catch them on our tongues was to tilt our heads back and look *upward*!

I can *absolutely* appreciate the days when the sky is blue and the sun is able to shine light and warmth into our Winter. But I can also glorify the gray, cloudy days, because *those* are the ones that offer the hope of snow. Of cleansing. Of purification. Of *promise*!

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