Hump Day is a perfect description for our Wednesdays lately!


B happily writing a song about Thanksgiving for his Songwriting class.

This is our second “semester” of B taking classes outside of the home regularly. It’s been fun and he’s learned things that I could not teach.   The classes are all at the same place and on in the same day of the week, which is very convenient. But it’s also tiring.

This semester he’s taking 3 classroom classes and was outside in a running class for the 2nd half of last semester and 1st half of this semester. With the running class, we were out of the house from 9am-5pm; since running is over, it’s 10:15am-5pm. When we get home, we grab a quick dinner made by the hubs and dash out for another activity that is 6-9pm.

In October, we joined a Circle at our church. A Circle is a small group of men, women, couples or families who meet regularly. Spiritual formation is meant to happen in community, not just in private. Some circles study the Bible, share their stories, perform community service together or all the above. We were invited to join an existing circle when one of the families moved out of state. Our circle meets every Wednesday from 6-9pm, and each family hosts 2 months a year.

Circle has been a wonderful blessing in all 3 of our lives, but it is quite taxing on this introvert!  When we dash home for dinner, I am DONE. I don’t want to go back out. I want to get in my jammies, be served dinner by the hubs and crawl in bed, shutting out all the noise and movement of the world. Even B, my extrovert, is showing some wear and tear. 😯  Something has to give!  (BTW, we are in AWE of families who go to work/school all day and then have extra curricular activities/homework/sports/church activities/dinner/together time, all before bed. Y’all are superheroes!)

Yesterday, B and I had a heart-to-heart talk about what to do.  We decided to take the next semester off from these outside classes. Winter weather has already set in and, with the amount of snow they are predicting our region will receive this Winter, the idea of hibernating in PJs with Life of Fred, US History and Brave Writer sounds lovely! When the hubs came home from work yesterday afternoon, we told him what we’d decided and he declared it was good. 😉

When we arrived at classes this morning, B headed straight to his first classroom and I went to sign him in before retiring to the parents’ lounge. At the sign-in table, the class list for the 3rd semester was being handed out and date of registration was announced. I made a terrible mistake – I took a class list!
Digital photography! Species effects for film making (the industry in which B wants to work as an adult)! DNA! The US Constitution! Robotics! 😮  I know I should keep this list from B, but I really want to show him, hope he gets as excited as me and then bugs the hubs to go! 😄

What to do?!

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