Spring Forward, Fall Back? What’s That?

As parents, our homes are usually disrupted twice a year when the clocks change, and battles ensue.  But no longer in this house!  I decided last Fall that I was not going to do it anymore and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner.  We change our clocks, yes, but not B’s natural sleeping schedule.  We have the luxury of doing this because he doesn’t have to be up at any particular time.

We like him in bed around 9pm, although he may go early if he’s sick or tired or go later if we’re out or doing something special.  So, when the clocks sprung forward in the Spring, we didn’t force him to go to bed when the clock said 9pm, because it was only 8pm according to his body.  He went to his room at 10pm and, although he awoke later according to the clock, he got the same hours of sleep.  His own body adjusted over time, and with the changing daylight, and we did not fight that.  After a while, he was going to his room between 9 – 9:30pm.

This past weekend, when the clocks fell back, I did not keep him out of his room an extra hour; he went into his room at 8pm.  All of us went to bed earlier (according to the clocks, but right on time for our bodies) and woke up earlier, but we all got the same amount of sleep.  And we’re happy.  😀

Once again, WHY did I torture all of us for so many years?!  *shaking my head*

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