Scandal S4:E2

WARNING: If you have NOT watched last Thursday’s episode of Scandal yet, do not read the following!

For the rest of y’all, I told myself after watching S4:E1 that I was done.  I can’t take the ugliness and dregs of human nature towards each other.  It affects me and stays with me the rest of the week.  I finally shake it by Wednesday and the Thursday, I think I can watch another one.  *sigh*  Anywho, onto Episode 2…

It never ceases to amaze me how conceited some men can be!  How could Cyrus Beene possibly think that the “gentleman” who approached him in the bar was actually attracted to him?!   OK, I guess there was one, remote possibility: that the man recognized who Cyrus was and was attracted to the power and influence that Cyrus has.  I don’t understand people finding power attractive, but there are some who do.  (Donald Trump keeps getting married.)  Even if he wasn’t attracted to power, I knew that the man had to be educated enough to know that it was The Cyrus Beene he was approaching and, therefore, it would not end well for Cyrus if he got involved.  The man would have something on Cyrus, to hold over his head, something with which to blackmail him.  When I saw him the 2nd time, it dawned on me that he might not be acting alone, that someone had hired him.  I didn’t know who, but certainly was not surprised at all when we found out.

Cyrus totally deserves it, though.  He was a monster before, the way he used his husband, James among many other things.  But now that James is dead, he doesn’t even pretend to be nice in certain circumstances anymore.

Oh, and I agree with Cyrus and disagree with Mellie in regards to whether or not their pain is the same.  The are both in the worst pain that either of them could possibly feel.  Cyrus could not feel worse nor could be broken any worse than he already is, and Mellie is the same place.  Cyrus’ love for James was the deepest he’s ever felt and James is gone.  Although Cyrus & James adopted a baby, that baby was never Cyrus’; he feels nothing for her, so he is not a parent.  The only love he’s known is for James.  Mellie is a parent and, therefore, has loved deeper and wider than Cyrus can even imagine.  When Mellie compares the pain she knows she would feel if she lost Fitz to the pain of losing Gerry, losing Jerry, of course, is worse!  But Cyrus, never being in Mellie’s position, can’t be compared to Mellie.  Does that make any sense?

Before we had B, I truly believed that if something were to happen to the hubs, my life would be over.  He was my world and I would not want to live without him.  Once we had B, I realized I didn’t even know what love was before becoming a mother.  I had no idea I had the capacity to love someone instantly, fiercely and as unconditionally as that.  Becoming a parent helped me to relate to, and finally have a relationship with, God.  I know now how He feels about me because it’s the same way I feel about B.  So, if something were to happen to the hubs, I would grieve, a piece of my heart would die.  I would never give another man the time, energy and love that I gave the hubs, but I could and would go on.  I have someone more important to live for and take care of: B.

So, even though their capacity for love is not the same, both Cyrus and Mellie loved their lost ones as deeply as they possible could.  And, therefore, their are experiencing the worst pain they each possibly can.

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