Daily Archives: October 1, 2014



Saw this picture on Instagram this morning and found it very appropriate. Yesterday, as B worked on his Halloween costume for this year, he was explaining to me his design for next year’s costume. When he’ll be 13.

How do y’all l feel about the age of trick-or-treaters coming to your door? Is there a hard, age cutoff point, in your opinion, regardless of costume effort? Or do you only dislike the older kids who claim that wearing a hoodie = a costume?

I’m the latter. However, should it bother me when I have stuff leftover every year in the bowl plus way too much loot B brings home after T-or-T’ing?

He’s making an amazing costume, a Transformer, and next year’s idea is even more ambitious. However, in order for most adults to know what he is, he’ll have to get on the ground, transformer into his vehicle shape, have me ring the doorbell, and then stand up into the robot once they answer the door. I don’t think we’ll get to too many houses.

Well, this year will be a test of the costume. Maybe next year he’ll give out candy. I can open the door and the kids will just see a vehicle. Then he’ll transform into a robot and entertain the kids.

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