Positive Affirmations

Two things happened over two days that let me know I’m at least doing some things right.

At church on Sunday, our pastor talked about The Good Samaritan.  Jesus told that story in response to a question he received, “Who is my neighbor?”  Our pastor then mentioned a quote that we’ve all seen and/or heard: “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”  He said it really sifted his focus and reminded him that, “Whoever I am with, that is my neighbor.”

It seems to him that every time he gets in the checkout line of a grocery store, something goes wrong, the cashier has to call for help and it takes so long.  He said he was no longer going to focus on his own frustration and his time being wasted but, instead, focus on how the cashier feels.  He’s going to speak kind, sympathetic words to the cashier and let him or her know that these things happen and he’ll wait patiently until everything is fixed.  He said we should all show kindness wherever we go.  The hubs leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, “You do that all the time.  Everywhere we go, anyone who is serving us or just a stranger passing us, you are kind.  You smile.  You speak nice words.  I get frustrated with someone and you immediately describe the situation from the other person’s point of view.  Thank you.  Don’t change.”

Yesterday, B was out back with the rest of the Alley Cats (I gave all the kids who live on our alley this nickname because it’s where they all hang out when the sun is up and all play well together).  The hubs needed to ask B a question about dinner, so he stepped out back and called to B.  B replied, “Yes, sir?” and the hubs said, “Come here for a minute, please, I need to ask you something.”

There were 2 boys in the alley who do not live off our alley, and one of them said to B (loud enough for the hubs to hear him): Who’s that?
B: My dad.
Other boy: Why do you call him “sir”?
B: Because I’m a respectful boy.

So proud of this kid!


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