The Story of You & Me: In the Beginning, Part III

I got up at 4:14am this morning to go to the bathroom.  When I came out, the hubs was awake.

Me: Did you turn the volume down on the computer last night before you turned it off?
TH: I hope so!
Me: I’m serious.
TH: Yes.  Why?  Are you going to get on it now?
Me: I have to or my readers will riot.  That’s the problem with giving them content they want – they want more and they want it yesterday.
TH (sarcastically): OK, JK Rowling.

He cracks me up!  One of the many, many reasons I keep him around.

(If you missed the 1st two installments of how the hubs and I began, you can catch up on them here and here.)  So, back to our story…

Ten minutes later, I was showered, dressed, applying mascara and cursing my still beet red face from mowing the lawn, when the doorbell rang.  Thank goodness I froze instead of stabbing myself in the eye with the mascara wand!  It’s just a neighbor, it’s  not him, it’s just a neighbor, it’s not him, I repeated in my head, not sure if I wanted it to be true or not.  He was sexy as hell and certainly acted like a gentleman, but I’d been drawn in and burned before by guys who say what they think you want to hear to get what they want.  Being alone was less taxing and safer.

I heard my mom open the front door.  I couldn’t make out what was said, but I heard her voice and a very distinctive male voice respond that was not one of our neighbors.  My heart dropped into the pit of my stomach and I stopped breathing.  My left hand was still frozen in front of my left eye with the mascara wand.  Finally, my mom hollered up that I had company, causing me to exhale.  My heart didn’t just start beating again; it started slamming against my breastbone and my hand started to shake.  I started yelling at myself in my head.  Have you seen the movie Return to Me?  If you haven’t, you MUST rent it/download it/stream it!  It’s a perfect date night movie!  So many wonderful actors, laughs, tears and a fabulous soundtrack.  Anywho, in one scene, Jim Belushi’s character is in the midst of chaos in his house with wife and kids running amuck and the doorbell rings.  He decided to surprise his wife’s best friend by inviting a blind date for her to dinner.  He’s standing in the middle of the house yelling, “WILL EVERYONE JUST CALM DOWN, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY?! CALM THE HELL DOWN! GOOD. NIGHT. NURSE!  FOR CHRIST’S SAKE, HE’S JUST A MAN!”  The writers of Return to Me stole those lines from my head in June 1995.  😉

I tried to finish applying mascara and, of course, stabbed myself in the eye.  I cursed and washed my face and tried to start again but my eye would not stop crying.  Then I got worried and frustrated and felt pressure because he was waiting downstairs and my poor mother was entertaining him, which made the other eye cry, too, because I cry when I feel any emotion. And in addition to the beet red blotches that were all over my face from mowing the lawn, all the non-beet red places on my face and my neck now filled in with red from embarrassment.  And I was alone in the bathroom!  How was I going to go out on a date with this man?!

I took a couple of steadying breaths and called down to my mom if I could see her for a second.  As much as I tried to sound calm, it came out shrill and panicky.  The man must have been daft for not running from the house as soon as my mom left the living room.  She took one look at me and said, “What is wrong with you?!”  I started blubbering about lawn mowers and beets and mascara wands and nervous wrecks and ended with, “And now I can’t stop crying!”  She put her hands on her hips and, with a stern look on her face, said, “That boy has come a long way to see you and judging by the mess you’re in, I suspect you feel the same way about him.  Now, wash your face, reapply your mascara or don’t, but get your big girl panties on and get downstairs!”  Then she gave me a quick hug and walked out of the room.

When I finally walked into the living room, he stopped mid-sentence when he saw me and stood up.  He just grinned at me and I grinned back.  I don’t know what was said after that or if any of it was said by me.  I’m sure he told my mom where were going because he was considerate like that.  I just floated on a cloud out the door, with his hand at the small of my back until we got to his car.  He opened my door and I started to climb in when he grabbed my hand and pulled me back up.  “I told you this wasn’t over,” he said and then he kissed me long and slow.  I didn’t want to do it, but I just swayed right into him.  We fit.

Once we were both in the car, we held hands the entire ride.  If he needed his right hand to shift something or adjust a dial, he took my hand with him.  We drove to Fells Point in Baltimore, MD and went to a bar.  Not my scene.  Someone was waiting for us at the bar – his best friend.  I was disappointed that I wasn’t going to spend time with him alone and I was annoyed that I was being put to the best friend test.  Looking back, though, I’m not sure who was supposed to be sizing up whom: did I need the thumbs up from his best friend or did he need to know if I was going to get along with his best friend?  His bestie was certainly an original!  I’d never encountered someone like that before.  But he was a harmless teddy bear in the end and I guess I passed!

I was sad when we headed back to NOVA to take me home.  I wanted more time with him.  I asked where he was going after he dropped me off and he said he’d reserved a room in a local hotel.  I asked if I could go there with him and he debated that, silently, probably wondering what the correct answer was.  I was also going back and forth on which answer I wanted him to give.  I went to his hotel with him.

Around 4am, he told me he was taking me home.  He didn’t want my parents to worry and thought it best I be there when they wake up.  I was impressed and annoyed.  A theme when I was around this man!  He dropped me off and I went straight to bed.  He went back to his hotel and did the same.  We both got up later, showered and he came back to my house.  We had a little time together before he had to hit the road.  He was such a good kisser!  I could tell there was so much strength in his arms but he was so gentle with me.  *sigh*

We talked nightly on the phone.  I think it was a good thing that we got to know each other over the phone.  No anxiety of looking your best when your face-to-face and we probably would have done more kissing than talking if we lived closer to each other.  I realized that no matter where we were, we were going to be one.  So, I decided to pursue something I wanted to do – move to Charleston, SC.  I’d gone to school there and loved the city.  The credit union I worked for happened to have a location there so I looked it up at work.  I could not believe it when I saw they had an opening!  My branch manager and the manager of the branch in Charleston were really good friends, so a recommendation over the phone was good enough for the Charleston manager to hire me!

I gave my 2 weeks notice at my current branch and planned a week off before starting at the new branch so I could find a place and move.  The hubs was excited about my move because, although we’d still have a long-distance relationship, the driving distance between us would be less than half what it currently was.  Everything fell into place so well and I was on top of the world.  I was making a fresh start, moving out on my own in a city I loved and I’d see my man on weekends.  I was beaming!

That is until a certain customer came up to my teller window on my very last day of work before moving: the guy who raped me.

To be continued…

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