Teatime Tuesday – Well, Sort Of

Tea Time Tuesday

As I’ve said on here before, we love, love, LOVE the Brave Writer lifestyle and it is our Language Arts/Writing curriculum.  Julie Bogart, the brilliant created of Brave Writer, suggests having a poetry teatime each week, on Tuesdays – Teatime Tuesday.  This week, however, we did not read poetry.  The current book selection from our LA curriculum, The Arrow, happens to be Chitty-Chitty, Bang-Bang and it’s due back to the library today.  Therefore, we dedicated to read as much as we possibly can before having to return it.  I’m unable to renew the book because someone else has reserved it.  And, although I feel the late fees would be worth it, I won’t keep it.  I know I don’t like waiting for a reserved book because someone else has not returned it on time, so I will not do that to another.

We also decide to to hold teatime until after the hubs got home from work today.  I made a batch of brownies and set out some mango salsa and chips.  B made a plate of cheese, crackers and pretzels.  Ice tea was poured into the teapot and the table was set.

When the hubs arrived, we all sat down, ate and took turns reading until the daily afternoon knock came at the back door, and the voice asking B, “Can you come out and play?”

I just love our life!  :o)

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