Very few people read my blog and the comments I receive are even fewer. I lamented over that for years. Do they like what I write? Do they not like what I write? Do they want more of one topic, less of it? Give me some feedback people so I may provide to you!

So I read the advice of successful bloggers: select one things and blog about that; you have to find your niche; determine who your target audience is and write to them; who are you going to be – a chef? a homeschooler? a thrifty shopper? Art Linkletter (Kids Say the Darndest Things)? You have to pick one!

But I realized after seeing Glennon Melton talk this Spring, that I was focused on the wrong person – you. I should be writing for me. This is my sanity keeper, to get what is out of my head so I can move on. This is my record of what goes on in this house because I will forget if I don’t write it down. This is my recipe book to refer back to when I don’t know what’s for dinner. So I’ve written more for me the last few months.

A friend told me a couple of years ago that I help people. She said, “You write about things that no one else will share, but they’re things we’re all thinking. We tell ourselves that since no one else is saying them, no one else must be going through this; it’s just me. I can’t talk to anyone about it this because they’ll think I’m crazy or a bad mom.  Then you go break the code of silence and write out the same feelings I have inside.  It matters to us.  You may not know it, because we’re not as brave as you, we won’t publicly say ‘THANK YOU’ but we are thankful.”

That meant the world to me at the time.  I need to keep that in the forefront of my mind.  Y’all are out there!  I may have made a difference to someone.  And I no longer care if you raise your hand.  It’s OK, hon.  You’re not alone.  I’m here.  Me and my big mouth and my big keyboard (It’s really a small keyboard.  Doesn’t even have the number key pad on the side and I get so irritated that I have to type numbers in from the row at the top.  I was speaking figuratively about the keyboard.  But not about my mouth.  That really is big.)  And I will picture you, dear friend who need not feel all alone, giving me a mental high-five.


Let me know what you're thinking.

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