That’s Counts-to-Ten-Before-Reacting Jess, to you!

How come only royalty (Baron, Lord, Queen), knighted folks (Sir, Dame) and those who went to school longer than I did (doctor, professor) are always addressed by their titles but the rest of us aren’t?  We should all be addressed by and introduced with a title of our choosing!  Everyone, chose a title for yourself.  Don’t stress over it; you’re not going to be locked into it.  We all wear many hats and can change our title, as we see fit.

One day you can be “Maker of Human Life” and the next day “Bad Ass Business Leader”.  What title(s) would you like before your name?  Domestic Goddess?  CEO of (insert your last name) Enterprises?  Director of Education, Head Teacher, and/or Principal for us homeschool parents?  Saint?  Jack of All Trades?  Bodacious Blogger?  Monsters-Under-the-Bed Hunter?  Woman of the Year for the 12th Year in a Row?  CPA?  Uncle of the Year?  Super Dad?

Share with me, in the comments, what title(s) apply to you and I will address you by them from now on.

Let me know what you're thinking.

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