Another Crazy of Mine

I shared one of my crazies with y’all earlier this Summer – how Law & Order gave me a complex about garages.   Today I’m going to share another one.  Don’t worry!  I don’t think this one will rub off on anyone like my Law & Order post did.  BTW, I am sorry I passed on that complex to some of y’all but at least you’re being more aware of your surroundings which will keep you safer!  :o)

I don’t like to drink water from the bathroom sink.  It probably makes no sense whatsoever to y’all, but it’s ookie to me!  The bathroom is just such a dirty place (in my mind, only; I know I hate to clean but I do do it) with bacteria flying up in the air from every flush.  Even when we put the lid down before flushing, some bacteria escapes in that space between the seat and the bowl, y’all!  That’s why medicine cabinets were invented: to keep your toothbrushes protected from flying bacteria.

This is what makes it a “crazy”: I use the water from the bathroom sink to brush my teeth and rinse out my mouth, I just won’t swallow any water from that sink.  I’d rather go downstairs and get water from the kitchen, even in the middle of the night, instead of taking a swig from a bathroom sink!  And I don’t have filtered water in the kitchen.  I’m just drinking plain, ole tap water, just like the stuff that comes out of the bathroom sink.

So, there you have it, another crazy of mine.  I’m full of them, people, and I’m not afraid to share!  LOL

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