The Stress of My Garbage Disposal Switch

To the left of our kitchen sink are 2 light switches.  One is for the light over the sink and the other is for the garbage disposal.  We’ve lived in this house for 6 years, and I still am unsure which switch is which. I feel the builder is playing a sadistic  game with me every time I decide to turn on the light.

You see, there is a 1-2 second pause between when I flip the switch and the light actually comes on.  During that agonizingly loooong time, my heat stops, my body tenses and I hold my breath, hoping I hit the light switch and not the disposal.  When I hit the disposal by accident, it scares the bejeeses out of me!  I scramble, in the complete opposite of a calm manner, to turn it back off or turn the water on, but I manage to do neither due to indecision.  The only thing I manage to do is knock over everything on the counter to the left of the sink as well as knock sponges and soap into the sink.  I must look like The Three Stooges rolled into one!

And once the disposal is finally off, I’ve put everything back in it’s place, and my heart rate has come back to normal, I say to myself, “I have got to label these switches!”  However, as soon as I turn around, the thought goes completely out of my mind.  That is, until the next time I have to turn the light over the sink on, and I curse myself for not labeling it last time.

You know what?!  I’m going to go do it RIGHT. NOW.  BRB….


TA-DA!!!  See?  Something good does come from sitting down and getting stuff off my chest!  However, as I walked over to the sink, deciding I would take a pic to show y’all that I’d done it, I noticed that the switch plate was not at it’s best.  I started to wipe it clean before attaching the labels and accidentally turned the disposal switch on!  ERRR!  Why couldn’t it be the light switch?!  It scared me, I said a four-lettered word and the only reason I didn’t knock anything over is because I had moved everything out of the way to clean the switch plate.  Phew!

BTW, when I told the hubs I was going to blog about this, he said he can never remember which switch is which, either.  Although, he manages to keep his cool if he hits the wrong one.  Showoff!  ;o)

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