Cleaning toilets are the WORST!

I hate cleaning toilets!  We have three of them – UGH!  Over the weekend when I was cleaning bathrooms, I said to the hubs, “I don’t know if I hate cleaning toilets more because they’re totally gross or if I hate scrubbing the tubs and showers because there’s so much reaching and stretching.”  He replied, “Toilets.  You definitely hate toilets more.”  How do you know,” I asked.  “Because every time you clean a toilet, you vocalize how much you hate it.  Like that guy in the Washington Post jobs commercial.”

The toilet seats didn’t make cleaning the toilets any easier.  They had chips and cracks in them and I felt like all kinds of dirty stuff was getting in there and I couldn’t reach it.  Plus, stuff gets on, in and under the hinges and, even if I used a scrub brush, I felt I wasn’t getting it all.  So a few months ago, I went on strike; I declared I was not cleaning another toilet until I got new toilet seats!  The following Saturday morning, the hubs took me to Home Depot to pick new ones out.  :o)

Y’all I love my new toilet seats!  I still hate cleaning toilets, but these new seats allow me to clean thoroughly.  How?  Because they come off!  Instead of just screwing a toilet seat to the toilet, my new seats have a base that is attached to the toilet.  The seats then fit onto the base and lock in place.  When it’s time to clean them, I just slip the back parts to the unlock position and lift them off.  This way, I have full access to the top of the bowl for cleaning!  No more trying to scrub around the hinges at the back, knowing I wasn’t getting everything out of the nooks and crannies!  The exclamation points used in this paragraph are not angry ones, but excited ones.  I am that excited about and happy with my new toilet seats.

Now you know me – full disclosure,  not afraid to show the ugly truth, because others do it/feel it/think it but are afraid to show it.  Not me.  So, if you want to stop right here and go back to Yahoo! or Facebook, I won’t hold it against you.  Those of you who are brave, I’m going to show you picks of a toilet seat before I cleaned it.


This is the toilet in B’s bathroom. That’s cat hair on it. Right now, the seats are locked in place.


Here’s a closeup of one. I’ve moved them both into the unlock position and them I pull the seat off. It doesn’t come off easily, but that’s to ensure the seat doesn’t slide around.


See the rubber bases that hold the seat in place? The seat snaps over those so you have to tug to get them off, but it’s not a big deal. And look at the crud that I now have full access to in order to clean it off! I feel better knowing that I can get it all.

I still hate cleaning toilets because two males use them, but I feel better knowing that when I do clean them, I’m getting it all.


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