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Why Right Guard is My Preferred Bathroom Air Freshener


Febreeze vs Right Guard

I have a very sensitive nose.  The hubs calls it my 2nd super power, my 1st being the ability to grow a human.  I can smell things that others can’t and I really dislike artificial scents.  I have never liked air fresheners, plug ins, counter decor that give off scents nor scented candles and, to me, most people smell like they marinated in their perfume or cologne.  The hubs says my nose would be perfect for working in a perfume lab, but I would die in one of those!  I bet I could work in a mine and save the canaries, though, or replace the TSA dogs in airports.

I could put up with air fresheners if they actually eliminated the unwanted bathroom odors, and they probably do to most people’s noses.  But to me, they just add a second, unpleasant odor to the room and I have to run.  We’ve tried all brands and kinds of air fresheners and the hubs loves each one even more than the last but I can’t stand the smell!

One smell that I do love, and it ranks right up there with the natural fragrance of babies, is the hubs.  He doesn’t wear cologne but he uses Right Guard Sport spray deodorant.  When he comes out of the bathroom in the morning, all dressed and ready to face the day, I can make him late for work because I just want to smell his pits forever!

One day, after using the bathroom, I searched around but didn’t find any air freshener.  Now, I would have been perfectly fine with the fan on and walking away, but the hubs insists that all parties spray in this house.  *sigh*  “What to do, what to do….”  While I searched under the sink a second time to find something to use, I came upon the hubs’ Right Guard.  DING, DING, DING!  love the scent of Right Guard and it’s technically a spray, so I’d be making both the hubs and my nose happy.

So I shot two, quick bursts into the air, much less than what we usually spray from an air freshener can, and you know what?  It worked!  No layers of Right Guard and poop competing against each other, just the lovely scent of my manly man.  WOOHOO!  My nose, and libido, have been very happy ever since!  😉

Note:  Just because there is a Febreeze can in the picture does not mean that I have anything against Febreeze air fresheners.  The hubs and B love the Febreeze scents and say that it does it’s job according to their noses.  However, my nose is supersensitive and I prefer not to smell any air freshener, regardless of the brand.  Febreeze just happens to be the hubs’ preferred spray, I found the above can in another bathroom and needed it for my picture.  That’s all.  Febreeze is enjoyed by the other 2 members of this family.


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