Video Tutorial of Cutting an Apple to Prevent Browning

B likes apples, but not the skin anymore.  When he eats apples at home I peel them.  However when taking apples with him, say for a snack to Summer camp, a peeled apple will be completely brown on the outside by the time he’s ready to eat.  He won’t eat brown apples.  I’ve tried tossing them with lemon juice, a lemon juice & water mixture, powdered citric acid and a powdered citric acid & water mixture.  He swears he can taste them all and doesn’t like it.

Some of you may be thinking, “But the skin is the most nutritious part!  You should not allow him to skip the peel.”  There are very few fruits and veggies that he does not like. He definitely gets plenty of them, so I am choosing not to pick a battle over the apple skin.  If I refuse to peel them he just won’t eat them and I don’t want him to avoid a fruit that he likes.  Besides, he eats the skin on carrots all the time.  We buy organic, so they don’t have to be peeled, just scrubbed clean.

When B was younger, and still ate the apple skins, I saw on a blog somewhere that a mom cut an apple a certain way to avoid browning.  I think her child preferred to eat apple slices instead of biting into a whole apple.  So when B decided he no longer liked the skins 2 years ago, I pulled that piece of information out of my memory bank.  Not sure if I am doing it exactly the same, but it works and he loves it.

B eats each slice of apple as if it were a slice of watermelon then eats the rest of the apple “meat” corners around the core.  I asked him to film me cutting his apple for camp this morning and here it is.  My first (of many, I hope) video tutorial!  Enjoy!


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