My Laundry Pet Peeve

I got up a little before 5am to use the restroom and, instead of heading back to bed, I decided to throw a load of laundry in.  There’s a pair of capris I’ve wanted to wear all week but they were dirty, and today I had enough time to wash and dry them before taking B to camp.  I unsuspectingly threw the load in the washer, checked Facebook, send the hubs off to work, ate my breakfast and welcomed B when he came downstairs.

When the washer was done, I went downstairs to throw the load in the dryer and found THIS – dun, dun, DUUUUUN!

laundryUUUUUUGH!  This is a laundry pet peeve of mine!  The laundry area is (relatively) clean, there is no evidence of an unfinished load, all I want to do is toss my load in the dryer and get the heck out of the basement (still haunted by memories of my older brother insisting that Darth Vader lived in our basement) and I find this – no one finished their load by taking dry items out of the dryer, folding them and putting them away.  *sigh*

I let the anger I felt towards those towels totally throw off my I’m-ahead-for-once-and-I’m-gonna-feel-so-confident-in-my-capri-pants-TODAY chi.  Or it is che?  Hold on…OK, I called the hubs to ask him which one was the appropriate spelling but he’s not answering.  His in that “black hole” of no longer in his car and unable to talk to me on his cell but not yet as his desk so he can’t answer his office phone…….bear with me…OK!  I was right the first time; it’s chi.  Che was a Cuban revolutionist.

You know, I remember seeing America Ferrera on Wendy Williams earlier this year and she was filming a movie about Che Guevara, wasn’t she?  Hmmm……Nope!  She’s starring in a movie about Cesar Chavez.  What was I talking about…?

Oh, yeah – laundry!  As I was saying, laundry is no picnic for any of us.  However, when you start a load, you need to finish it!  Because one of my shirts was in that dryer with the towels and now it’s a wrinkly mess.  If I’d known it was there before i started this morning’s load, I could have tossed it in the wash to get the wrinkles out and dried it again.  But now the load is already washed and the clean, wrinkly shirt will have to sit, unworn, until another load is ready to go in.  Errr.  Hold on, the hubs is calling.  Boy, am I gonna give him a piece of my mind about leaving that load in the dryer…

I’m back.  Um…turns out…I was the one who started that last load.  The hubs was kind enough to point out that I threw that load in the wash Monday afternoon when we got home from the pool……………………………………………………..

Well, It’s a woman’s prerogative to start and stop laundry whenever she wants!  And I’m gonna rock those capri pants, if I remember to take them out of the dryer!



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