How come, my fellow Americans?

How come we can all unite as one for a sports team?  How come we can forget about our differences and laugh with, talk to complete strangers during the Olympics, the World Cup or a big college rivalry football game?   How is it we can smile at, high-five and even hug total strangers in the bar where we’re watching the game, then riot in the streets after the game, in either victory or defeat, harming or destroying each other’s cars, businesses and fellow fans?

How can so many of us share the bond of sporting yellow ribbon magnets on our cars – solidarity in supporting our troops – yet ignore that ribbon on another’s car in traffic, and wrongly cut them off or call them all kinds of nasty names because they are not driving the way you want them to?

In an airport we can walk up to a complete stranger wearing a military uniform, shake hands and thank him or her for their service with a warm smile.  How can we completely forget about that swell of gratitude and blessings for that soldier who is willing to die for us and then yell at an airport employee 15 minutes later for something completely out of their control, like delays due to weather?

How can we all be united, excited, together in these things one minute and then go right back you vs. me, us against them, do unto others before they do unto me – in traffic, in the grocery store, in politics and even on the playground?

How come we decide to ignore what we have in common and refuse to see or acknowledge the humanity, the worth, the Jesus in each other?

Let me know what you're thinking.

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