Controversial Gun Safety Ad That Shows Boys Playing with Vibrators

Evidently this new ad for gun safety is shocking and offensive to some. I was surprised by it because I would not have thought of that, but I think it’s brilliant!  I don’t take offense; in my opinion, lessons are learned best with a little humor and feeling uncomfortable.  I don’t know which mom’s face I love more!  The hubs brought up a good question: “I wonder what they told the two boy actors the items they were fighting with were called.”

And maybe that’s one of the things that is offending viewers, that the boys should not be handling those items.  But that is the entire point of the ad.  Where do we keep our vibrators?  In our nightstands.  Where do many gun owners keep their guns?  Loaded and in their nightstands so they can grab it quickly in the night if they hear an intruder.  Would this ad be more or less shocking and offensive if the two boys were playing with loaded guns going off instead of them turning on the vibrators?

Sometimes you need to shock and offend people to get their attention when lives are at stake. Children die in homes with guns every day in this country and it’s for 1 of 2 reasons: ignorance or carelessness.

If people live in your house or visit your house who are ignorant of proper gun handling safety than you CANNOT be careless about following proper gun storage!  It is your responsibility as a gun owner to know how to properly and safely handle and store your guns and to keep them away from those who don’t.  And if you, the gun owner, are careless enough to be ignorant of proper gun handling and storage safety, than you need to educate yourself or turn in your guns!

On the YouTube page of EVOLVE, the creators of this controversial gun safety ad, their tag line reads, “IT’S THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, NOT THE RIGHT TO BE A DUMBASS.”  I agree.  People are dying in “accidental” shootings because of dumbass gun owners.  Let’s all do our job and be responsible if we choose to own guns.  Thank you.

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  1. novamom says:

    I’m all for locking up guns and practicing gun safety. I’m all for using humor to broach a touchy subject and for creating something folks will talk about and remember when you’re trying to drive home your point. I don’t consider myself prudish and could care less that they used vibrators in their ad. But did they have to put them in the hands of little kids? For me, this commercial is tasteless. I think they could have done something other than having elementary aged kids playing with sex toys. It’s just not cool in my book.


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