Once a Camper, Now a Leader

It’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) week and, as usual, I am weepy.  I know, no different than any other day, right?  It’s amazing to see how all the kids are growing!  Babies and toddlers of volunteers that I took care of in the nursery are now elementary-aged campers. Campers I once taught are now counselors.

B is volunteering for the 1st time this year because he is too old to be a camper.  *sniff, sniff*  It made me so proud to see him interact with and lead his campers today!  I’m running the audio and video in the main room and all the campers come through that room 3 times a day.

One of the other volunteers in this room said to me, “I saw your son.  He seems to have such and energy for and love of music and dance.  I’m surprised he didn’t volunteer to be up on stage this year.  Didn’t he choreograph and teach a song last year?”  Proud mama moment!  He did do that last year and really enjoyed it, so I was also surprised that he did not select Music as his 1st volunteer choice.  Instead, he chose to be a crew leader.

For years, B’s crew leaders had such a positive impact on him.  None of them were “too cool” for younger kids, to talk about God or to sing, dance and do crafts.  They were all genuinely interested in their campers as individuals and cared about their enjoyment and safety. B wanted a chance to be that for others.

Most of the kids are divided into groups by age/grade except those with allergies. They are all put together, kindergarten through 5th grade, with 2 adults who are knowledgable of food allergies and comfortable administering Epi Pens.  Under the 2 adults are 6 crew leaders, each responsible for 3 – 5 kids.

Due to his allergies, B was a camper in this group.  Although he’s always felt informed and confident regarding his allergies, he saw other campers who weren’t.  It can be scary being left with strangers for a few hours for any kid but add in a special need and they may worry about being away from their parents.  After all, no one is as vigilant as your own mom and dad.  B felt he could do the most good in the allergy group.  “Knowing that I’ve been a camper with allergies might make them feel more comfortable, Mom,” he said.  *sniff, sniff*

It’s so stinking adorable to see him interact with his kids!  Sitting in a circle with his new charges and getting to know them as they arrive, holding hands as they all move from one room to another, taking one of them to the restroom, carrying around all their crafts they’ve made so nothing happens to them before the parents pick their kids up.  I love and hate to see him grow up and be so responsible!

I’m glad I can hide my weepy self in the A/V booth all week!  😉

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  1. novamom says:

    Aww, I can just see him working with the campers and how fabulous he’d be as a volunteer! You must be so proud. And I’m right there with you getting sappy and sniffly watching my girls grow more independent. Sigh. It goes too fast.


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