President in a Bag – Andrew Jackson

We studied Andrew Jackson back in March and B took the picture of the items to represent his life.  However, during the recovery from my surgery, I never got it up on the blog.  So, here are the five things B selected to represent the life of our 7th president, Andrew Jackson:

  1. A Crab Mallet – This is acting as a judge’s gavel.  One of his many positions before becoming president was a judge on the Tennessee Supreme Court.
  2. A United States Postal Service Mailing Box – At the age of 13, Jackson entered The American Revolutionary War as a courier.  Only 2 other presidents, Washington and Lincoln, have been on more postage stamps than Jackson.
  3. A Pistol – The first attempted assassination on a sitting president was aimed at Jackson.  However, Richard Lawrence’s pistol misfired.  He pulled a second pistol on Jackson, but that misfired, too.  The pistol also represents the fact that Jackson is the only US president to kill a man in a duel.
  4. The $20 Bill – Jackson was the only president in US history to pay off the national debt (and he happens to be on the $20 bill).
  5. A Can of Beans – Growing up, my dad used to sing The Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton to me all the time.  While studying Jackson, I sang it to B and he asked to hear the original.  He loves this YouTube version, acting out the song with LEGOs.  The can of beans (“…we took a little bacon and we took a little beans…”) represents Jackson’s victory against the British in The Battle of New Orleans.  Even thought the War of 1812 had ended the month before with the Treaty of Ghent, word had not reached New Orleans, yet.

Jackson Pinterest

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