Phones, Gas and Coffee

I’m frustrated with the hubs right now.  I tried to get ahold of him a little bit ago, to no avail.  He’s out of coffee.  Last time he ran out, he went to the store and bought a box of something he’d never tried before, Peet’s. He really liked it and asked me to get him some.  I felt bad that I forgot to get some yesterday, so he didn’t have it this morning.  It was on my list of things to do while B was at camp today.

They didn’t have any Peet’s K-cups at Costco, where I went after dropping B off at camp, and I bought cold things so I had to go straight home.  I ate my lunch and watched a show while I cooled down and then decided to head back out to get the hubs coffee.  He was out of work by this time, heading to pick B up from camp.  I called him, twice, and he didn’t pick up.

This happens a lot.  And when I say a lot I mean 75% of the times that I’ve called him over the past 19 years, he doesn’t answer.  And I’m not talking about at work; I don’t expect him to be available when he’s working.  I’m referring to when he is on his own time.  For some “mysterious” reason, his electronics, and I mean every single one that he has used, has “not worked properly”.  Even his pager before there were cell phones!  The page was never received; the phone never rang or vibrated; he didn’t get a notification that I texted him, etc., etc., etc.  Funny, when we switch devices, I have no problems with his phone but now all of a sudden he’s having problems with my phone. It’s not the device; it’s the user.

He calls me all the time just to see what we’re doing.  And if I miss his call because I’m in the bathroom, or on another floor or mowing the lawn, I call him right back.  I only call him when I need something but I can’t get through.

I called him, twice, before heading out to get him coffee to find out which flavor or brew of Peet’s he wanted.  No answer.  Fine.  I head to the garage and the gas light is on in the car.  I grab the lawn mower’s gas can and pour a gallon into the car’s tank to get me to the store and back.  Now, it’s 93 outside and The Weather Channel says it feels like 100.  I climb into the car with no A/C and the hubs calls.

TH: Did you call me?  I don’t know what happened, but it didn’t ring.
Me: You mean you didn’t hear it because you’d accidentally hit the button on the side that turns off the sound or you didn’t hear it because the radio was blaring in the car?
TH: Neither one.  I don’t know why it didn’t ring.  What did you need?
Me: (*rolled eyes* “Whatever” in my head) I wanted to tell you some good news and ask what kind of Peet’s coffee you wanted.
TH: IDK what it was called but the package was purple.  What’s the good news?
Me: I don’t feel like telling you right now.  I’m hot, I had to add gas to the car from the lawn mower and I’m irritated that, once again, I could not get ahold of you.  I want to get to the store and back into the cool house.

We hung up and I went to the store.  They are having a sale on Peet’s and only 2 of the 8 kinds remain on the shelves, neither of which is purple.  He usually likes a dark roast and neither of the ones there is a dark.  I call him to find out which of these two he wants.  Guess what?  He doesn’t pick up.  REALLY?!  Less than 10 minutes ago I told him how frustrated I was that I could not get ahold of him and he did nothing to remedy the situation?  I left him a message, repeating my frustration at not reaching him.  I also told him why I called and that I was tempted to go home without any coffee for him!

did get him coffee, though.  I have a temper but I’m not mean.  However, after putting it on the counter in front of the coffee machine, I did this to it.  Definitely immature, but it made me feel better.


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