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Remember – You. Are. Bulletproof.

If you ever feel down on yourself, doubt yourself, think you are totally messing up as a parent or educator, letting someone else’s negative comment or opinion of you get you down, put on Titanium.  Turn up the volume and FEEL it; BELIEVE it. Dance around, sing along at the top of your lungs or just let the song envelope and empower you.  Your inner voice, your doubts and fears or the voices of others can take their aim, but… You. Are. BULLETPROOF.  Own it, sister!

A&E Networks’ Idea Book for Educators is now digital!

If you’ve read any of my posts on B’s favorite History assignments, Presidents in a Bag, you’ll remember that I got the fabulous idea from The Idea Book for Educators, created by A&E networks – History Channel, A&E, H2, History en Espanol and Lifetime programming.  It was a free magazine for educators with lessons that complemented shows on the A&E networks.  It also contains Creative Ideas from Teachers, where teachers can win money for sharing ideas they’ve come up with to engage their students in learning.  It was one of those teachers who shared the President in a Bag.

I just received an email stating the magazine will no longer be in print; it’s now digital!  Here is the link for The Idea Book for Educators if y’all are interested in checking it out or adding it to your lessons.

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