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B’s Letter to Santa

Two nights ago, B couldn’t get to sleep.  He said right before he falls asleep, all kinds of ideas and thoughts come into his head but he never remembers them in the morning.  He wouldn’t go to sleep that night because he didn’t want to forget something.  He felt compelled to write Santa a letter and asked the hubs to bring him paper and pencil so he could do so.

He finally read the letter to me this afternoon before mailing it off.  I asked him to let me scan it first.

In case the picture is not clear, here is what he wrote:

“Dear Santa,

Thank you.  Just plain old thank you.  I thank you for all you’ve done & not just for me but for what you’ve done for others & being a true symbol of Christmas spirit & joy.  Kids depend on you & believe in you with all their hearts.  Do you know what some people would give to have that?  But Christmas isn’t about giving or getting.  It’s love, joy & peace & the hope we give & the love we share. So have a Marry Christmas!!


B’s Favorite Winter Drink: Cupcake Tea


Earlier this year I started drinking coffee after a friend made me the most perfect brew ever.  It was a breakfast blend with sugar and French Vanilla creamer and I now make it at home.  Occasionally, when B’s asthma flairs up I let him have half a cup of coffee, but he can’t have it regularly.  I also don’t want him drinking hot chocolate daily.  He used to drink tea with just a little sugar or honey, but since he tasted my coffee, he hasn’t been interested in tea.  Until I created a beverage just for him.

I fill a mug ¾ with water, plop in a tea bag (I use Sleepytime or plain green tea because it’s that we have on hand, but you can use any flavor you like) and microwave it on the “Beverage” setting.  This way, most of the tea steeping happens while the water heats.  I’m all about saving time where I can.  And if I walk away from the tea for a few minutes while it steeps, I’ll completely forget about it!

Next, I remove the tea bag, add a splash of honey and a splash of French Vanilla creamer, approx a tsp of each, and stir.  That’s it!  I usually keep local honey in the house, but haven’t had a chance to get any in a month.   My mom gave us this big bottle from BJ’s, so we’re using it up.  Slooowly.  ;o)

If B is impatient and just can’t wait for his tea to cool a smidge before diving in, he’ll throw an ice cube or two in there.

The first time I plopped this in front of B, he exclaimed, “You made me the perfect brew coffee?!”

“No.  I made you your own special drink.”

“What is it,” he asked, skeptically.

“Just try it.”

He took a sip and smiles.  “It’s tea?”  I nodded.  “It tastes just like a cupcake, Mom!”

And the name “Cupcake Tea” has stuck ever since.

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