Daily Archives: July 2, 2013

My Great Day

I had a great day today. Not because B and I went to a free movie or because the three of us laughed a lot or because I made a kick-ass dinner. All of those things are wonderful blessings that occurred.  But this particular day was great because of three things B said to me.

  1. We were in the kitchen and B was rolling out dough for whole wheat pitas.  “I love cooking and baking. It’s so interesting and fun.”
  2. We were discussing the recent Paula Deen issue that has caused her to lose sponsors.  “You should be a politician, Mom. You explain things so I can understand. But you come up with great points, ones nobody else thinks of. You should help be in charge.”
  3. Today was Day 2 of 5th grade and we are covering American History for the 1st time. Excitedly, B asked this morning, “Do you have any more interesting documentaries for me to watch today?”  Nope.  Sorry.  “Oh,” was said with dejection. Let’s recap what we learned yesterday.  “Okay!” Face lit back up again.
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