An Intergalactic Breakfast Fail That Had an Unintentional Recovery

I had been eyeballing these Star Wars pancake molds from William-Sonoma for years.  Even though they are now offered in the WS outlet, I still could not justify the price.  Then I found them at a yard sale earlier this year, never been used, still in the packaging, for $2 and I didn’t even haggle over the price.  I just knew I was going to get a Mom of the Year award for making Star Wars pancakes for B.  Fast forward 2 months – not only had I not made the pancakes, I’d forgotten I even had the molds because I haven’t seen them in so long (read: no idea where I’d put them).

Well, I stumbled upon the molds this morning and decided today was going to be my award presentation day!  Um, not so much.  Evidently their non-stick coating that made them so easy to remove once one side of the pancakes were cooked did not agree with my pancakes.  Intergalactic Breakfast Fail.  The thing is, if B had listened to me and stayed out of the kitchen while I was making breakfast, I would have been the only one aware of said fail and I would not feel like I had disappointed him.  But, like any smart, cunning child, once told he was to stay away from something, B was convinced the Promised Land awaited him in that kitchen and nothing was keeping him out!  So he saw the molds and “ohh’d” and “ahhh’d” and said how excited he was that I was making Stars Wars pancakes.  Looking back, I should have know my fate was sealed at that moment, but I was naive and proceeded with the pancakes.  Silly, naive me.  *shaking my head*  So here lies the molds in my kitchen sink, with the pancake batter clinging to the non-stick coating.  But look how shiny my sink looks!  The Fly Lady would be proud.

So I carried on and made plain, old, boring, round pancakes and sausage for B and eggs and toast for the hubs.  B came back into the kitchen to check on the pancakes and I had to tell him that I had failed the Resistance and the Dark Side had won this pancake battle.  He took it like the Jedi he is, with no external show of emotion, just a slight lowering of the head in acceptance.  He turned away from the sink to exit the kitchen when his eyes fell on the hubs sunny side up eggs on the stove.  “Oh, cool, Mom!  You made an owl with the eggs!”  “Huh? Uhhh….Whyyyy yes, yes I did,” I replied.  Well, whadaya know.  I received that award after all.  I got a big grin, a high five and a hug from my young padawan, who then trotted off to tell the hubs how lucky he was that his wife had made him an owl for breakfast.  I stood a little straighter, puffed out my chest and thought, “Who’s Mom of the Year?  I am, that’s whooooooo.”

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