Our Williamsburg, Virginia Top Ten List

B, the hubs and I spent 4 days in Williamsburg, Virginia.  It was a lovely and well-needed mini vacay!  Unfortunately, we were unable to experience Revolutionary City this time.  However, since we are starting American History in 5th grade this month (how is he a 5th grader already?!), we will definitely be making a trip back.  Instead of writing the usual post about our trip, I decided to create a Top 10 List, a la David Letterman.  Although, knowing me, I won’t be able to limit each item to just one sentence.  But, it will limit me to only ramble on about 10 things.  ;o)  Disclaimer: these are not all necessarily the best things about our trip, merely the ones that stand out the most.  Here we go…

Our Williamsburg, Virginia Top Ten List 
10.  Stopping at Bass Pro Shop on the way to Williamsburg was the best decision I made!  The hubs got to spend a few hours in his happy place which brought out “vacation hubs”.  Trust me, vacation hubs is much more relaxed and easy-going than workday hubs.
9.   This particular Bass Pro Shop has a restaurant and we had lunch there.  The hubs ordered an alligator appetizer and we all tried it.  It had the consistency of cooked shrimp and tasted good.  But one bite was enough for me, thank you very much.
8.   I saw the results of worry and fear over future gun laws in the US – half-empty gun display cases and the inability to restock certain kinds of ammo.  Some people are so afraid they will not be able to buy everything they want in the future, so they are buying it all up now and manufacturers cannot keep up with the demand.
7.   The Cheese Shop makes excellent sandwiches.
6.   B’s favorite ride at Busch Gardens turned out to be mine as well – Da Vinci’s Cradle.
5.   Seeing the pride and self-satisfaction on B’s face when he won the prize he’d set his sites on the very 1st time he tried.  It is a giant banana with dreadlocks and a Rastafarian hat.
4.   B was so happy he finally went on a roller coaster that went upside down.
3.   The hubs and I went to Busch Gardens years before B was born and had our portrait drawn.  On this trip, we had a new one drawn with all 3 of us.
2.   Even though we weren’t able to enter Revolutionary City, no child should visit Williamsburg without getting a 3-point hat (or a bonnet) and a toy flintlock pistol, IMO.  B got both.  I remember getting my 3-point hat at Williamsburg as a girl and I played with it for years.
1.   And my absolute favorite things about our trip to Williamsburg was….We spent four days there and not a single person asked B, “Why aren’t you in school?”  School systems still had 1 – 2 weeks left before Summer vacation, but there were plenty of other homeschoolers down there.  Due to the historical education to be gained in the area, Williamsburg must be used to us homeschoolers about all year long.  It is so nice not having to explain why you are out in public to complete strangers!

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