The Flexibility of Homeschooling or Honoring My Child’s Interests

I couldn’t decide between the two titles for this post, so I used them both.  ;o)  After we spent a couple of weeks on the Knights and Samurai chapter of Story of the World, B decided to do something else for a bit.  He spent the next couple of weeks reading books he likes, drawing comics for the book he’s decided to “publish” and sell and write some stories.  The freedom of homeschooling allows you to follow your child’s lead and honor what he or she needs.  B only turned the TV on during breakfast to catch up on any Phineas and Ferb episodes that had taped while he slept and then he went off by himself the rest of the day.  He reread all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, Captain Underpants books and Big Nate books he had.  He wrote fictional stories in the Write Your Own Story Book by Usborne Books.  He gathered together all the comics he’d drawn over the years, corrected the spelling, organized them and created a cover for the book he wants to publish.  There are so many articles and how-to’s out there on how to get your children to read or how to instill a love of reading in children.  We’ve been blessed that our love and desire for books and the worlds they expose us to has been passed onto him organically.

There was no way I was going to deny him when he wanted to do nothing but read, write and create for a couple of weeks.  We honored his interests.  I love this boy and his appetite for learning and books and his endless creativity!  It’s amazing how much my child yearns to learn and enjoys learning when he has a say in what we learn and how much of each topic he is ready to take in.  He’s still a boy with impulses and self-control issues, who cries when he’s frustrated, who wants his parents to tuck him in a night, who dissolves into fits of giggles when the words “pee”, “poop” or “butt” are said.  But he is also mature enough to ask me if I need anything, says “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir”, runs ahead and opens a door for someone with their arms full and appreciates the difference between a want and a need.  I am so lucky and blessed to be with him everyday, to learn along side of him and guide him to become the man he is meant to be.  Homeschooling was a gift we thought we were giving to B, but we have received so much from it, ourselves.

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