Chore Avoidance that Gave The Hubs and I a Laugh This Morning

B goes through an obscene amount of clothes each week.  He owns more clothes than me or the hubs and he seems to wear way too many of them.  And we can’t figure out how he is going through so many clothes each week because if we don’t leave the house, he doesn’t get dressed!  He is in his PJs until he goes outside to play for a couple of hours in the afternoon.  And we’ve told him that unless he gets those clothes dirty from rolling around on the ground or sweats in them, he can set them on his butler and wear them again the next day.  I have a sneaking suspicion of what happens – he takes a bunch of clothes out of his drawers onto the floor to find the article of clothing he is looking for and then leaves the rest of the clothes on the floor.  When he goes to bed at night, I think he just picks all those clothes up off the floor and puts them in the hamper.

Anywho, he washed his clothes yesterday.  Three loads of clothes used in the last week!  My clothes all fit in one load, BTW.  The hubs and B were doing something from 6 – 9pm last night so he didn’t put his clothes away.  I told him he could wait until the morning, but that he was not to leave his room in the morning without first putting the 2 baskets full of clothes away.  The boy is usually up right before or right after the hubs leaves for work at 6am.  Some days he’ll sleep in until 7am or 7:30am if he was really tired.  These pictures were taken at 8:10am this morning.  He had not left his room and had not put the clothes away.  LOL  He’d rather go hungry and forgo TV just to put off putting those clothes away a little longer.  He’s a nut!  ;o)  I called the hubs and told him and he had a good laugh, too.

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