A Romantic Date With A Purpose Courtesy of Our 10 Year Old

Monday afternoon, I was on the phone with my brother.  I told him that our church sponsors a Date with a Purpose several months each year and the hubs and I had not been to one in probably a year.  I want to go to next month’s and asked if he would watch B while the hubs and I went out.  When I got off the phone, I found the set table in the picture to the left.  That table is currently B’s coloring/LEGO building/cars racing/lapbook creating/meal taking/action figure stage table, and when I got on the phone, it was covered with books, crayons, action figures, LEGOs and crumbs.

“What is this?” I asked B.  “It’s a romantic, date-with-a-purpose dinner for you and Daddy tonight,” he replied, with a big smile.  I just wrapped that sweet boy up into my arms, hugged him and tried, unsuccessfully, not to cry.  When I knew I could speak, I asked, “And where will you be while Daddy and I are having this romantic, date-with-a-pupose?”  “Eating in the kitchen.  And I won’t say a word,” he promised.

We not only had a romantic, date-with-a-purpose dinner with just the two of us at the table, we had dinner and a show.  B kindly selected the oh-so-romantic movie, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  LOL!  It was perfect!  The candle on the table was lit, the hubs and I held hands while we ate dinner and all but two Jedis were wiped off the face of the galaxy.  It’s OK, though; The One Who Will Bring Balance to The Force was born in the end.

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