The "Beauty" of Homeschooling ;o)

I walked into B’s bathroom to put a new box of tissue in there and found his Math curriculum (his current Life of Fred book, the copybook where he answers the questions and a pencil inside).  I went looking for him and asked why they were in there.  He said he had to poop while in the middle of his lesson, so he brought it into the bathroom with him because he didn’t want to put it down.  He really enjoys Life of Fred and I’m so glad Julie at Creekside Learning told me about it!

This picture sums up to me, the “beauty” of homeschooling – that learning can be and is done anywhere, everywhere.  Even in the bathroom.  :o)

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  1. Julie says:

    LOF rocks! The thing is, I totally forgot about it until you reminded me that you guys were using and loving it and then I was like, "Oops, I forgot to order that." So I did. And now we've been loving it, too. In fact, tomorrow we start back with math again after our looooong holiday break, and I have to say, Firefly and I are both are very happy to be reunited with Fred. :-)And a child taking curriculum into the bathroom with them is the highest compliment ever. That should be a question on all curriculum review posts/sites: Does your child take this curriculum into the bathroom with them? Yes? Ok, 10 stars.


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