Dinner Prep Turned Into an Impromptu Science Class

B was watching me unwrap and clean out a duck this afternoon for dinner tonight.  It turned into an impromptu Science class.  He took this picture of me cutting the duck’s spine out.  He was fascinated and grossed out all at the same time.  LOL  We went over the anatomy from the inside and labeled things.  He wanted to know what each organ was that came out of the cavity.  He also wanted to know how the duck got from the state of freshly killed to wrapped in the store, i.e. how do they clean it out, how to they get the organs out and then put back in before wrapping, where did the blood and feathers go, etc.  He had opinions on the entire process and I’m so glad we had that discussion!  Something that never would have occurred if he was in a brick-and-mortar school today.  :o)

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