What kind of profanity is THAT??

When the hubs and I want to find a detailed movie review to see if it’s appropriate for any of us, we go to Kids In Motion.  My friend, Robin, recommended it to me and I have never seen such detailed reviews in my life!  So detailed, they can spoil a movie for you.  However, with a sensitive child, we need to know if there is something in there that would not be OK for B.  As I stated in my review of Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, the cybugs were scary to B, 10 yrs old, but did not bother the 8 yr old who went with us.  I’ve even used the site for myself.  I have not read The Hunger Games books, but when I heard the plot, I had no desire to see the movie.  Since becoming a mother, there are certain things I cannot watch in movies and your children being sent off to kill each other is one of them.  But a friend asked if I wanted to see the movie with her so I thought, “Maybe I could handle it; I’ll just check Kids In Mind first.”  Good thing I did!  Whoa, way too much for my heart!

We are interested in seeing the new Denzel Washington movie, Flight, and I was curious as to what earned it an “R” rating.  I mean, plenty of language, skin, inappropriate humor and violence appear in “PG” and “PG-13” movies nowadays, so what was so “bad” about Flight that I was not getting from the trailer?  I looked it up on Kids In Motion and got all the details.  OK, I get it now.  However, one thing stumped me.  Under the profanity category, this was listed: “…15 scatological terms…”  Huh?!  I asked the hubs, who is much more worldly than me, what it meant and he had no idea.  So I went to my 2nd most asked source – Dictionary.com.  The definition of scatology is “…the study of, or preoccupation with, excrement…”  Sooooo, you mean “shit”.  The word “shit” is said 15 times in this movie.

The hubs and I have now learned a new word and have made a commitment to use it instead of it’s crass synonym.  :o)

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