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Superman & Lois Lane vs. Iron Man & Pepper Potts

We are big fans of The Avengers’ superheroes movies in this house, especially Iron Man.  The hubs and I got into a discussion a week or so ago about The Avengers and The Justice League and which superheroes were in which group.  Superman is in The Justice League and bringing him up got me thinking about Lois Lane and Lois got me thinking of Pepper Potts and then I started comparing the relationship between Superman and Lois Lane to that of Iron Man and Pepper Potts.  Now, I have not read any of the comic books; all I know are the movie depictions of these characters.  And although I have seen the Iron Man movies recently, I saw all the Superman movies as a child.  I did re-watch Superman I last year with B but not II – IV.  And from what I remember, I can’t help thinking, “My, my, how far we’ve come!”

Superman and Clark Kent were two different “people” and Clark purposefully hid his real identity.  Clark deliberately acted like a bumbling, clutzy, shy man with a serious lack of self-confidence.  Tony Stark – genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist – arrogantly wanted everyone to know he is Iron Man.  He is suave, debonaire and has more self-confidence than even Superman could dream of having (because he was raised to be a humble gentleman).

Lois Lane could not see the obvious right in front of her face – Clark Kent was Superman.  She didn’t want to.  She couldn’t even fathom it so she didn’t open up to it.  Not a very good reporter, if you ask me.  She was gutsy, took risks for a story and even went after stories that women were not supposed to care about or break.  But Superman always had to come and rescue her.  Pepper Potts knew what was in front of her from the beginning; she understood and accepted a long time ago and worked around Tony’s…..eccentric personality.  Just like a good teacher, Pepper sized up the strengths and weaknesses of Tony and worked with each to get the job done efficiently and well.

Pepper earned the title of CEO of Stark Industries.  I don’t know if Lois even aspired to be editor of The Daily Planet but I do know she wouldn’t have gotten it b/c she was a woman.  Superman saved Lois over and over.  Ironman came to Pepper’s rescue but she also assisted him and saved plenty of people herself.

Lois was in heat with Superman’s good looks and was impressed that he could fly.  She was looking for someone to sweep her off her feet.  Tony had to pursue and win Pepper.  She enjoys Tony in her personal life but she does not need him.

It just amazes me the difference 30 years can make in the definition of an “independent woman”.  How far we still had to go in the last 20 years of the 20th century.  SMH  And the sad part is, that although I celebrate where Pepper Potts is in the 21st century, we still aren’t where we can and deserve to be.

Anywho….Pepper Potts is my superhero.  For now.

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