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B Taking on a Bigger Role in the Kitchen

This past weekend, the hubs decided that B should take a bigger role in the kitchen and help us cook dinner every night.  We started last night, Meatless Monday.  We made Creamy Portobello Pasta, my version of Food & Wine’s Ziti with Portobello Mushrooms, Caramelized Onions and Goat Cheese. Once again, I just used what I had on hand and our finished product tasted fabulous but looked gross.  SMH  I don’t know how Food & Wine get such a light colored finished product!  Portobellos release their liquid and it’s dark, so it colors my pasta.  Oh, well.  Onto B cooking.

I wasn’t ready for B to be using a knife, so I sliced up the onions.  But B turned on the heat under the pan and added the butter and oil.  This is him adding the sugar.

 Stirring the onions so they all get nice and caramelized.
The hubs said B should start learning to cut (my heart stopped) so he sliced up the portobellos.  And did a darn good job at it, too!
Here he is adding a wedge of Laughing Cow’s Garlic and Herb cheese.
The chef always has to taste his dishes to make sure they are properly seasoned before serving.



I made a loaf of artisan bread to go with the pasta (YUM!).


 Ben really enjoyed making dinner last night and enjoyed eating the meal even more than when I make it!  He was proud for what he accomplished and happy he was trusted to take on more responsibility at the hot stove and was allowed to use a santoku knife.  This morning, he asked me if he could make himself an egg instead of me doing it.  <: -o=”-o” ahead=”ahead” es=”es” go=”go” mama=”mama” nbsp=”nbsp” p=”p” right=”right” roud=”roud” sir=”sir” sniff=”sniff”>

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