Duplicating the Whipped Cocoa Bath from The Spa at Hershey Hotel for B

A very generous friend took me with her to The Spa at Hershey Hotel a couple of weekends ago.  When B learned that one of my spa treatments was the Whipped Cocoa Bath, he asked, “Mom, please take a cup with you, scoop some of the hot chocolate from your bath into it, put a lid on the cup and bring it home for me!” I told one of my technicians what he said and she informed me how to duplicate the bath at home for him.  I was so excited to do that because B loves taking baths, and he’ll stay in them forever if you let him.  I usually let him go 45 minutes but the hubs makes him get out in 30.

So, B had his Whipped Cocoa Bath Monday night and was in heaven:

Three ingredients: cocoa, powdered milk, The Spa at Hershey Hotel’s Whipped Cocoa Bath.

He only lasted 15 minutes before calling me to help him get out!  I asked him if he didn’t like it or if he was having an allergic reaction to it.  “No,” he said. “I’m so relaxed, I’m afraid I’ll fall asleep and drown.”  Well, if that isn’t an endorsement, I don’t know what is!

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