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I Believe A National Anthem Deserves Respect

The flag in front of our house at night, lit up, as it deserves to be.

I don’t begrudge anyone for not knowing all the words to The Star Spangled Banner, even though I’ve ensured everyone in my house knows the words.  But I do believe that if you live in a country, are a citizen of a country, reap the benefits of a country, especially if one of those benefits is the freedom to speak out against that country, that you should give that country’s flag and anthem the respect it deserves.

Against my will, I’ve watched lots of baseball and football games recently, and I’m disappointed in the individuals on the field during The National Anthem.  Like I’ve said, I don’t expect you to sing along perfectly, nor sing along at all!  Everyone on the field has a ton of things on their minds when they have a game to play.  However, I believe for the few minutes that our national anthem is sung or played, every person on the field should honor the country in which they get paid hundred of thousands or millions of dollars to do what they love to do.  People risk their lives to enter this country and have a better life for their families.  Citizens leave their families and go to war in foreign countries to defend our flag, protect our citizens and allow the freedoms that pay professional athletes obscene amounts of money.  So I want to see everyone on the field setting the example by facing our flag, holding their right hand over their heart and staying in that position until the anthem is over.

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